ROC SALT Center is a project of the Presbytery of Genesee Valley in Rochester NY. We invite mission teams of all ages and faith traditions to join us in the city, serving alongside our partner organizations, taking time out to reflect on those experiences, engaging in experiential learning, and worshiping together in community. Our goal is to connect people through relational mission opportunities and a ministry of presence to those in our community struggling with poverty, hunger, homelessness, refugee status, mental illness or other challenges. We hope to spark creative ideas about how each group can return home to engage with the people in their own neighborhoods who also face these issues.        ROC-SALT-Mission-Center


The South Wedge Food Program helps feed over 2000 people annually with a combination of food donated from food drives, Foodlink, and donations. Open Arms second Sunday food donations are shared with this community partner monthly.    

The Friends of the Historic Calvary St. Andrews is a group committed to protecting, preserving, and promoting the rich history of the Calvary St Andrews building that is now home to Open Arms and our neighbors. The architecture, the art, and the personalities embodied in this historic landmark are a rich part of the history of the South Wedge and Rochester. The Friends of Calvary St. Andrew's strive to ensure that this rich cultural heritage is shared with future generations.          

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