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Katie Jo Suddaby

Interim Pastor

Board of Directors

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Bob Cramer

I have been a part of this church for about 8 years. I have been married to Rich for 5 years. We have two kids, George and Rooty (our dogs) and our chatting African Gray Parrot Pekoe. I am looking forward to retirement in the 2018.

DJ Dehmler

​DJ Dehmler has attended Open Arms since 1992. They have served on the Board, technical team, choir, Community Pillar team and TRANSformative Ministry. They have also been a deacon and cell group facilitator. DJ is genderqueer and pansexual; they are married to BJ, live in Pittsford and love God, our congregation, cats, books, chocolate and computers (not necessarily in that order).


Amy Doohan



 Church Leadership

Renee Eberling                                                                                              Spirituality Pillar Co-chair
Renee has been a member of Open Arms since 1997. She has served as clerk of the Board and has been a church deacon.  She is currently a member of the Spirituality Team and manages Sunday fellowship.


Linda Herman

Children's Education


Linda is very excited to be our lead Children's Sunday School teacher. She has lots of plans for the kids including using songs, prayers and an award winning children's bible.  She believes that we can all learn from the children.  


She started coming to Open Arms MCC in the year 2000, when her partner brought her to a service at the end of the year. She believes it was one of the best things that happened to her after coming out. For Linda, Open Arms MCC is a safe place of acceptance.


Linda is the proud mother of 2 and an even prouder grandmother of 1 fabulous grandson.  

Jerry Murphy                                                                                              Bookkeeper